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European School Education Platform


Launched in 2022, the European School Education Platform is the meeting point for all stakeholders in the school education sector – school staff, researchers, policymakers, and other professionals – spanning every level from early childhood education and care to primary and secondary school, including initial vocational education and training. The platform is also home to eTwinning, the community for schools in Europe.

This online multilingual platform is free of charge for all users. Here you can:

  • Stay informed with new content published every week, including opinion pieces by experts, news articles, interviews, current news, and examples of practices.
  • Find resources such as reports from recent research, teaching materials created in European projects and training courses, and the European Toolkit for Schools with material on preventing early school leaving and a self-assessment tool to help you develop your own school activities.
  • Get familiar with funding through the Erasmus+ opportunities, consisting of three practical tools (course catalogue, mobility opportunities directory, and strategic partnership search) to help schools prepare their Erasmus+ applications.
  • Develop yourself with the professional development opportunities such as free online courses, webinars, and teaching materials in collaboration with the EU Academy. For more information about the different professional development formats and pedagogical approaches applied as part of those, please read the Continuous Professional Development Framework
  • Interact, collaborate, and develop projects with other verified school staff in Europe in the eTwinning community.

The European School Education Platform and the eTwinning community are possible thanks to funding from Erasmus+, the European programme for education, training, youth and sport. They are  initiatives by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport, and Culture. It is operated by European Schoolnet (coordination, content, and services) and Tremend Software Consulting SRL (technical infrastructure) under service contracts with the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA).

The eTwinning community exists thanks to the support of national support organisations funded by Erasmus+ under grant agreements with the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Similarly, part of the platform’s success is thanks to the supporting partners.



Launched in 2005, eTwinning is a community that is exclusively open to educators and other school staff in initial vocational education and training and education from early childhood education and care to upper secondary schools from countries participating in eTwinning. eTwinning embodies a methodology, a pedagogical approach, a community of practice, and a platform that enables innovation, communication, and collaboration.


The main eTwinning stakeholders are its registered users (eTwinners),  national support organisations (NSO), the Central Support Service (CSS), the European Commission (Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport, and Culture), and the European Education and Culture Executive Agency.


By joining eTwinning, school staff can experience the benefits of belonging to the ‘Community for schools in Europe’. Registered and validated eTwinners have access to the restricted eTwinning area and other specialised features on the European School Education Platform.


At European level, the current Central Support Service (CSS) coordinates the network of national support organisations with the European Commission and the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). It is responsible for the eTwinning area, a fully multilingual website offering tools and services through which school staff members can register, find partners, and work together. The CSS also provides pedagogical and technical helpdesk services and organises specific training sessions for teachers on eTwinning.


Read more about eTwinning here.

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eTwinning national support organisations

The national support organisations are responsible for vetting user registrations, promoting eTwinning in their countries, helping teachers to set up and carry out their projects, rewarding schools for their successful participation in eTwinning projects, organising training sessions for teachers, and ensuring that eTwinning evolves in a way that fits the particular needs of local schools.

Erasmus+ National Agencies

The EU works with National Agencies to bring the Erasmus+ programme as close as possible to participants.

Supportive partners

The European School Education Platform supportive partners are initiatives, bodies, and non-governmental institutions whose principles, values, and objectives align with the platform’s. 

eTwinning for Future Teachers

eTwinning involves initial teacher education (ITE) as a strategy to expand its reach and engage future teachers. A growing number of examples demonstrate that introducing eTwinning into the education of student teachers is very valuable to them and their institutions.

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