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European School Education Platform


The European Commission acknowledges the work of teachers and aims to recognise it by providing opportunities for them to be evaluated for their eTwinning and Erasmus+ programme activities.

eTwinning National Quality Label icon
eTwinning Quality Labels are awarded to teachers and their pupils for their individual work in a project based on a common evaluation framework.
eTwinning European Quality Label icon
eTwinning Quality Labels are granted to teachers for theirs and their pupils’ individual work in a project based on a common evaluation framework.
eTwinning School Label icon
Schools which are awarded the eTwinning School Label are great examples of how the whole school can benefit from eTwinning. They are active in implementing and promoting the eTwinning values and pedagogy, are a point of reference for their local community and represent a model for other schools.
European Language Label icon
The European language label is an award encouraging the development of new techniques and initiatives in the field of language learning and teaching, as well as the enhancement of intercultural awareness across Europe. It is awarded to Erasmus+ funded projects and other initiatives from all fields of education and training.
Erasmus accreditation excellence label icon
As part of the Erasmus accreditation scheme in the programme’s Key Action 1, the best performing accredited organisations in the fields of adult education, vocational education and training, and school education are awarded excellence labels for implementing high-quality mobility projects.

eTwinning European Prizes icon
The eTwinning European Prizes are the ultimate honour that teachers and students can receive for their outstanding work in eTwinning.
Innovative Teaching Award icon
The European Innovative Teaching Award highlights innovative teaching and learning practices, developed as part of European cooperation projects in the fields of school education and initial VET. The initiative is built upon the Erasmus+ programme.
'eTwinning for Future Teachers' brings together Initial Teacher Education (ITE) institutions from European countries to include eTwinning in their teacher education activities. The European Award is to identify, celebrate and promote the work and activities that the best institutions have accomplished.