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European School Education Platform


Reports and studies regarding school education policies from both European and national levels

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Inclusive Digital Education

This paper provides a broad overview of inclusive digital education and the issues that still need to be tackled.
Blended Learning
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OECD Trends Shaping Education 2022

Trends Shaping Education examines the main social, political, economic, and technical developments that have an impact on education.
Non-formal learning
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Valuing our teachers and raising their status – How communities can help

Teachers play a key role in preparing students for the challenges of the future. They will need to equip students with the skillset and knowledge required for success in an increasingly global, digital, and complex world.
Professional development
School partnerships and networks
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Education and LGBTIQ diversity

The educational challenges associated with creating safe learning environments for LGBTIQ youth can be manifold. It highlights best practices in sexual diversity education across the EU and addresses key myths and misconceptions regarding LGBTIQ persons.
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Artificial Intelligence and the Rights of the Child: Towards an Integrated Agenda for Research and Policy

Children and adolescents use social media applications, music recommendation platforms and intelligent tutoring systems on a daily basis. In this context, researchers are currently experimenting with social robots and how they can be used to improve education in the future. One common element of these applications is that they are all based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques.
Digital tools
Policy development
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Get inspired! Culture: a driver for health and well-being in the EU 

This booklet gathers good practice examples from a range of EU-funded projects, namely Creative Europe, Erasmus+, Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe. They illustrate the power of culture and the arts to improve health and well-being through interdisciplinary initiatives.
Cultural diversity
Social skills
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Supporting the social and emotional well-being of refugee students from Ukraine in host countries 

The Russian invasion against Ukraine has resulted in the largest forced displacement crisis in recent history, with a high proportion of those fleeing being children and young people. Schools play a vital role in addressing refugee learners’ needs and in promoting their social and emotional development and well-being. This is an essential component of ensuring their inclusion in education and in society as a whole. 
Migrant students