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Lesson plans and other materials to enrich your classroom and school

Lamp and Morse code

The •• --- - project: Programming a lamp to send Morse code

With the increasing reliance on technology and digitalisation in various industries, programming skills have become an asset in the job market. As such, this Erasmus+ funded project aimed to foster the exchange of best practices and enhance the way programming is taught in the public education sector.
Digital tools
The disconnect

eTwinning Project: The Disconnect

A prize-winning eTwinning project for students aged 12-15 years. The project empowers students to use technology and social media in a more critical and responsible way.
etw train

eTwinning Project: eTw-T-R-A-I-N

A prize-winning eTwinning project for students aged 16-19 years. The project sends students on a virtual train journey around Europe to develop their communication, ICT and citizenship competences.
Media literacy
Engineers of the ecosystem

eTwinning Project: Engineers of the Ecosystem

A prize-winning eTwinning project for students aged up to 6 years. The project allows students to study and design animal houses and thereby learn about science, technology, engineering, arts and maths at preschool level.
eTwinner as pros

eTwinning Project: eTwinners as Pros

A prize-winning eTwinning project for students aged 7-11 years. The project allows students to take on a variety of professional roles to learn about different topics, and as part of that, develop their agency and media literacy.
Media literacy
Building partnerships

Inspiring action plans for building school-company partnerships

A curated selection of quality teaching materials about building partnerships between schools and companies. These materials were developed by the participants of the ‘Building School—Company Partnerships’ online course on EU Academy.
Blended Learning
Stakeholders’ involvement
RODNAE Productions

STEAM pre-school academy

This kit focuses on STEAM education where students can explore and experience the world in a scientific way. Through interdisciplinary activities, little learners are encouraged to construct their own robots while reusing materials artistically.
Credit: Katerina Holmes

SAGE: Solutions Against the Greenhouse Effect

Global warming, a result of climate change, is a phenomenon that is recognised by scientists. Unfortunately, it is disputed by some in the media and on the internet via social networks without any scientific basis.