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Survey on reinforcing the attractiveness of teacher careers

School education is only possible thanks to teachers. They help children develop essential skills for their future working life and become active and responsible citizens. However, most EU countries struggle to engage young teachers and to keep experienced teachers in the job, which increases the need to reinforce the attractiveness of teacher careers.
Two female teachers discuss lesson plans
Alexander Suhorucov / Pexels

Teacher shortages put the provision of high-quality, inclusive and innovative education at risk. Promoting teachers’ professional development and flexible pathways, campaigning to make the profession more attractive and offering more recognition were among the discussed solutions during the recent Sixth European Education Summit.

The Education and Training Monitor 2023 examines attractiveness of the teaching profession in three broad areas: motivation (e.g. recognition), abilities (e.g. training) and opportunities (e.g. career pathways). EU countries employ various strategies to enhance the appeal of teaching careers, such as alleviating heavy workloads and long hours, attracting more students into initial teacher education and providing alternative pathways into the profession.

Whether you are a teacher or policy maker, tell us what you think. Share your views in this short survey by 29 February 2024. The results will be published on the European School Education Platform.


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