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European School Education Platform

Latest updates on European School Education Platform development

Latest updates on European School Education Platform development

In this article you can find the latest information regarding platform development status. The article will be updated on a regular basis. Latest version: 15 May 2023

Development of functionalities (updated on 15 May 2023)



  • [Networking] Erasmus+ postings (Mobility, Partnerships, Jean Monnet)
  • [Recognition] eTwinning School Label's page listing the awarded schools
  • [Professional development] Events
  • [Professional Development] Course catalogue of on-site courses
  • [eTwinning Area] Feeds in the eTwinning Area (available only for eTwinners)
  • [eTwinning Area] Possibility to apply for National Quality Labels (available only for eTwinners)



  • [Organisation profile] Information about regional, town, and postal codes when adding an organisation to the profile is now visible.
  • [Networking] Advanced search: for partner by age range and for eTwinning project ideas by type, subtype, subject, vocational subject, and tags.
  • [Search] Improved search functionality for specific content types (courses, events, webinars, generic articles, project kits, teaching materials, etc.)



  • [Registration] Issue with the wrong school being added when creating a new school
  • [TwinSpace] Issue 'entity cannot be referenced' when adding/editing TS pages
  • [eTwinning] Some projects that had NQL on legacy did not have it on ESEP
  • [eTwinning] Issues with invitation of contacts to a specific project by the founder
  • [General] Users who could not access their own profile page
  • [eTwinning] Fixes to the NQL certificate so that it can be downloaded as PDF
  • [Professional Development] Access to “Join a webinar”
  • [General] Providing a 'Contact person' field in the active organisation edit form (organisation admin)


Future releases


Coming up in June:

  • eTwinning Rooms


Anti-spam measures


Several measures have been taken to fight against the cyber-attacks that were targeting the Platform.

  • User profiles: e.g. only validated users can make their profile page visible to other users, limiting PDF upload capacity and applying a stricter enrolment process for student teachers.
  • Organisation profiles: e.g. applying a stricter organisation validation process, limiting the number of organisations per user, and reducing profile visibility in search engines. At the moment, only validated eTwinning users can create new schools.
  • User-generated content: e.g. limiting formatting options and applying daily limits.
  • General and specific measures taken at the level of the infrastructure.


The anti-spam measures have been further developed and will be applied on ongoing basis.


Performance issue


The platform experienced slower performance during February and March, meaning page response time was much slower than normal. After thorough investigation, specific measures (also related to countering the spam attacks) have been taken to address this.


The overall Platform speed is currently at a normal level, and further actions are being taken to optimise performance.


Finally, it is noteworthy to mention that, since the beginning of the year, there have been almost a total of 2M visitors, 3.8M sessions, and 27M page views (with an average session time of 8 minutes).

European School Education Platform statistics



More information about the platform development is provided in questions and answers.


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