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European Quality Label

European Quality Label

The European Quality Label evaluates the work of all teachers and students participating in an eTwinning project. The projects which receive a European Quality Label are the ones with the highest ranking among those which received the National Quality Label. These projects showcase examples of successful European collaboration. European Quality Label - No need to apply!


It is awarded by the Central Support Service (CSS) to teachers involved in a project as indicated below.

  • The teacher has been proposed for the European Quality Label by at least one National Support Organisation, after a screening process. Every National Support Organisation puts forward the top third of awarded National Quality Labels based on their quality score.
  • The project includes at least two partners that have received the National Quality Label. 


The European Quality Label is awarded only once a year and is featured on the eTwinning Portal.

Please note that national projects (with two founders from the same country) that at a later stage add partners from another European country are not eligible for the European Quality Label.

You must have a European Quality Label to participate in the European eTwinning Prizes competition!

Updated on 08.11.22