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The Amplified Blue Planet: A Journey in STEM, Earth Observation, Artificial Intelligence and Creative Writing for Environmental Awareness


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Upcoming Tasks and Deadlines


1) Complete the Questionnaires for Students and Teachers deadline 07/06/2024

  • You can find the questionnaires on the June 2024 page.
  • Deadline for submission: June 7, 2024.

( if possible please try to complete this task by the end of May so I can present the results before Turkey submits the QL )


2) Finish the April-May Tasks

  • a.  SOS"April-May collaborative activity"  DEADLINE deadline 24/05/2024

Please complete the shared document "April-May collaborative activity" to coordinate this task.

Add links to your main activities (from TwinSpace or other documentation). 


  • b. Canva Collaboration:deadline 15/062024

All teachers should collaborate on the shared Canva  "T.A.BL.ET" to upload their February-April activities.

When finished, we will add the cover pages the students have created.


3) Online Meetings

  • Based on the shared document "Online Meeting - eTwinning TABLET," we may need to organize two meetings:
    • One between May 23-28
    • One on June 6, more suitable for Croatia and Turkey
  • Please review the document again and confirm: Is Monday, May 27th okay? Add the hours that best fit into your schedule.


Find more details and all the links on the pages:



1st Arsakeio Junior High School of Psychico - Students Questionnaire Completion

On Monday, 20th of May, the students of 1st Arsakeio Junior High School of Psychico completed the final Evaluation Questionnaire for students and added comments on other students' posts on the forum "STUDENT'S CORNER - What do you like in this project?". 

I also completed the Teacher Final Questionnaire.

Final Students Questionnaire Completion - 1st Arsakeio Junior High School of Psychico

2nd Primary School Čakovec - mBot and mBlock - part 1

“Robot park ranger”

Students were introduced to mBot and mBlock, and they started to experiment with the basics of mBot and mBlock. Students made first steps in creation of the track for mBot, for our activity called “Robot park ranger”. It should be a track trough a park, and mBot should move through the park.
In the next phase of this activity, mBot should use the sensor to identify the source of light (fire), and trigger an audible alarm.

eTwinning project The Amplified Blue Planet: A Journey in STEM, Earth Observation, Artificial Intelligence and Creative Writing for Environmental Awareness, mBot and mBlock, part 1, 2nd Primary School Čakovec, Croatia

2nd Primary School of Nea Erythraia , interacting with the etwinning twinspace

Today our students had the opportunity to interact with our twinspace, adding comments and rections both on forum and posts. They played the collaborative games about "e-safety" and "Space technology in our every day life "  as well as  the flight simulator game (dock the SpaceX craft to the ISS space station) proposed wby the 3rd  Junior High School of Kifissia!


2nd Primary School Čakovec - cover image

Our cover image is ready! You can find the link in the shared document. We hope you like it!










My students generated many images with Canva Magic Media, here are some of them:


3rd Junior High School of Kifissia_Final questionnaire for Students and forum discussion "STUDENT'S CORNER - What do you like in this project?"

The students of 3rd Junior High School of Kifissia completed the final questionnaire for students and wrote about their preferred project activities in the forum "STUDENT'S CORNER - What do you like in this project?"

Unfortunately I completely forgot to take any photos! Sorry about that!!!

3rd Junior High School of Kifissia _Adoption Certificate for the injured Sea turtle named Trufa

Today, the students of 3rd Junior High School of Kifissia, participating in the project, received the Adoption Certificate, from the marine protection and rescue Center of ARCHELON for the sea turtles, in the area of ​​Glyfada Attica, that we visited on April 12, 2024. 

This adoption certificate certifies that 3rd Junior High School of Kifissia adopted the injured sea turtle named Trufa! It represents to us a commitment to the protection of these ancient animals and their habitats. Through this contribution, ARCHELON is able to continue his work for the protection of nature. 

All together, we can do the difference in the fight to save sea turtles and our planet!!!


Teacher Final Questionnaire

I completed the Teacher Final Questionnaire:



2nd Primary School Čakovec - evaluation

My students completed the evaluation questionnaire for students.