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Supporting Gifted and Talented Students in Your Classroom

This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment for all students, while focusing on the unique needs and challenges of gifted learners.

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  If you're an educator who believes in nurturing the potential of every single student, join us on this empowering journey of turning ordinary classrooms into extraordinary spaces of growth. Let's rewrite the classroom narrative, break down barriers, and create an inclusive learning environment where every student can thrive. From addressing the challenges of perfectionism to transforming anxiety into motivation – we've got the strategies to help you build a classroom that's a haven of support.   This isn't just about modifying your teaching methods; it's about a paradigm shift that embraces the diversity of minds in your classroom. It's about crafting an environment where gifted students feel seen, heard, and understood.

Learning objectives

    In this course, you will:
  • Understand and redefine the concept of giftedness beyond traditional IQ testing, considering domain-specific talent identification and the challenges faced by gifted learners, through in-depth exploration of research, case studies, and interactive discussions.
  • Explore ways of addressing the social and emotional needs of gifted students by exchanging ideas on how to create a supportive classroom environment, addressing motivation, perfectionism, underachievement, and anxiety, and implement counseling and peer support programs, through a combination of theoretical knowledge, practical strategies, and real-life scenarios.
  • Investigate how to foster talent development by implementing strategies to enhance creativity, innovation, and critical thinking skills, nurturing talents in specific domains, promoting a growth mindset and resilience, and effectively differentiating instruction for gifted learners, through a variety of interactive activities, practical exercises, and examples that demonstrate the application of these strategies in the classroom.  

Methodology & assessment

The course is offered as an asynchronous course with flexibility in regard to when and where participants follow the course content and join the course activities. Modules open each week and remain open for the duration of the course, with a final deadline in place for the submission of a course product. Participants are required to actively contribute to the course activities by sharing their work and submitting a course product. This product is submitted, and peer assessed by three peers in the final module of the course.

Certification details


Upon successful completion of the course, a digital course certificate is awarded. The certificate shows the name of the learner and key course details such as the estimated learning hours, the learning objectives, and a link to the course homepage.

Additional information

  • Language:
  • Target audience ISCED:
    Primary education (ISCED 1)
    Lower secondary education (ISCED 2)
    Upper secondary education (ISCED 3)
  • Target audience type:
    Head Teacher / Principal
    Student Teacher
  • Learning time:
    15-20 hours