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The best for preschool teachers: Reggio Emilia Approach, Montessori method, Outdoor Education and much more
Third-party on-site course

The best for preschool teachers: Reggio Emilia Approach, Montessori method, Outdoor Education and much more (Bologna)

This course allows preschool teachers to explore the growing trends in preschool education and learn in a practical and experiential way which activities and approaches are most suited for their purposes.

Next upcoming session:
05.05.2024 - 11.05.2024
Italy , Emilia-Romagna , Bologna
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This course provides participants with an overview on the most innovative teaching and pedagogy approaches for preschool education by providing an analytical, practical, cooperative, inspirational and stimulating space where to get to experiment new activities and methods. The general aim of this course is to foster excellence and innovation in preschool and early childhood education by empowering and inspiring preschool teachers and directors to discover the most effective approaches while sharing best practices and experiences with fellow participants from all Europe. More...   

Learning objectives

Thanks to this training course the participants will:
  • Get acquainted with the new trends and most effective approach in early childhood and preschool education
  • Learn about the key principles of the Montessori Method and Loris Malaguzzi’s Reggio Emilia Approach;
  • Discover the benefits of embedding nature and biodiversity in preschool activities
  • Experience and practice inspirational outdoor education activities
  • Learn how to design, prepare and deliver interactive Non-Formal Education learning activities and games
  • Get to know and experiment learning games and activities to stimulate early years children creativity and social development
  • Exchange best practices and share experiences about preschool education with teachers and education staff coming throughout Europe
  • Visit local preschools and kindergartens and network with individuals and institutions working in preschool education

Standard Daily Programme

  • Participants arrival
  • Networking activities
  • Cultural activities in the city
  • The child in the middle
  • The role of the environment, the educator and family involvement
  • Reflection on existing preschool systems and best practices
  • Outodoor education
  • Outoor education value: personal, social, relational development
  • Visit to a local preschool/kindergarten
  • The Montessori Method: freedom of choice and self-education
  • Discovering Montessori materials, practices and environment
  • Reggio-Emilia Approach: providing endless ways of expression
  • The peculiar and disrupting role of "Atelierista"
  • Visit to Reggio Children - Loris Malaguzzi Foundation
  • Reflection on your role as educator and new perspectives gained
  • Designing learning activities
  • Course wrap-up and final evaluation
  • Validation of learning outcomes and certification ceremony
  • Participants departure
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Methodology & assessment

We tailor the working methods based upon participants’ needs, attitudes and professional profiles in order to ensure high productivity, effectiveness and transferability into practice.
The standard methodology is highly practical and participative with hands-on approach that comprises real-job examples, case studies examination and simulations. We embrace collaborative working methods that foster mutual learning and cooperation among participants. Our focus is on transferring knowledge and skills which are applicable to real contexts and/or in the classroom. The pedagogical methods that we use are based upon experiential learning, group and peer activities, learning-by-doing and best practices’ exchange.
We support our partners in every step of the course: from application, to preparation, to monitoring and evaluation and collection of all final documentation. Morning wrap-up and brief daily evaluations are foreseen to ensure the learning programme is finely tailored to participants' needs. At the end of each course, we provide participants with supporting material and multiple dissemination evidence.
We commit to make participants feel at home during our courses, catering for their personal, practical and educational needs. Indeed, in addition to delivering the training, we provide board and lodging in the same hotel where the course takes place, thus ensuring the best comfort and coziness as well as effective time management.
We organize optional social, networking and cultural activities in order to give participants the opportunity to know the venue’s culture as well as to exchange best-practice and establish professional links. The training and staff team is multinational thus giving a full European dimension to the course.

Certification details

 At the end of the course, each participant will be awarded a certificate of attendance together - if requested - with the Europass Mobility Certificate.Our certificates are in line with the Erasmus Quality Standards and so include a short description of the course and its learning outcomes, dates, venue, the name of the course provider and the course instructor(s).We support participants in every step of certification and validation of learning outcomes with specific focus on European instruments and Erasmus plus requirements such as staff mobility/learning agreement, quality commitment and Europass mobility certificate.We experienced that schools and education organizations may require additional documents to certify the competences learned or the presence in the training course. Upon request we can provide those documents as well as we provide photos of the training course and a sum-up video that can be used for visibility and dissemination purposes.We follow high standards of quality in line with our mission to foster excellence and quality improvements in education and training. Driven by passion and motivation for our work we don't leave any stone untouched when it comes to offering the highest quality and continuous improvement of our courses.We fully comply with the Erasmus Quality Standard and the principles set in the European Quality Charter for Mobility. You can read here how we comply with these standards. More than merely following and adhering to these principles we fully believe in them. It's more that 10 years that we organize and participate in international training courses and learning mobility projects so we know how these principles stand at the core of a quality experience and how they make the difference in terms of both personal satisfaction of the participants and systemic impact of the training course. If you are working with other course providers we recommend checking if they know and comply with these principles.

Pricing, packages and other information

  • Package contents:
  • Additional information:

    Teachers, trainers, headmasters and any other staff of education organizations are eligible to receive an Erasmus+ grant covering all the costs to attend our training courses including travel, board and lodging, cultural activities and all fees. Our training courses are tailored to be fully funded by Erasmus+ and we offer different options to ensure the best comfort and quality at a price that is within the Erasmus+ grant.

    We are proud to tailor our training courses to both participants' learning and practical needs and to ease your participation at our training courses, we will gladly take care of all the practical arrangements. If you prefer, you can take care of some of the practical arrangements by yourself (e.g. meals, local transport...), though we will manage the organization of your accommodation in order to ensure optimal logistic organization, safety and time-efficiency. We always provide board and lodging in the same hotel in which we organize the course thus ensuring optimal comfort and potential of networking with the fellow participants. Read more about how we take care of your subsistence and practical arrangements.

    The most common option that we offer to schools and organisations costs EUR 1280 and includes course fee, certification and support fee, accommodation in single room, 2 coffee breaks per day, 3 meals per day, walking tour in the venue’s city, a sum-up dissemination video and local transport during the course. For schools sending 2 or more participants we can offer accommodation in double rooms and we can provide as well accommodation for people or relatives accompanying the participants.

    When attending our courses, we recommend you to request 9 days of individual support for your subsistence costs, 7 days for the course plus 2 additional days for the travel. You can read here more about the Erasmus+ funding.

Additional information

  • Language:
  • Target audience ISCED:
    Early childhood education (ISCED 0)
  • Target audience type:
    Head Teacher / Principal
  • Learning time:
    25 hours or more

Upcoming sessions

  • Starting on 05.05.2024 - Ending on 11.05.2024


    , Italy
  • Starting on 02.06.2024 - Ending on 08.06.2024


    , Italy
  • Starting on 27.10.2024 - Ending on 02.11.2024


    , Italy
  • Starting on 09.02.2025 - Ending on 15.02.2025


    , Italy
  • Starting on 18.05.2025 - Ending on 24.05.2025


    , Italy
  • Starting on 12.10.2025 - Ending on 18.10.2025


    , Italy
  • Starting on 23.11.2025 - Ending on 29.11.2025


    , Italy


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