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The Girl Who Kept Her Eyes Open – A book for children

This children’s book aims to raise awareness of the challenges faced by children and adults fleeing war.
The Girl Who Kept Her Eyes Open – book cover

The book tells the story of a young Ukrainian girl who crosses paths with an exceptionally perceptive girl in her new school. Through their journey, the book illustrates the importance of paying attention to others and offering them support when they are integrating into a new country after fleeing war.

Aimed at children aged seven to ten, and parents and educators, this book is a tool for discussing the complex impact of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine in an approachable way.



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  • Education type:
    School Education
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  • Funding source:
    European funding
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    European Commission
  • Target audience:
    Student Teacher
    Head Teacher / Principal
    Pedagogical Adviser
    School Psychologist
    Parent / Guardian
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    Primary education (ISCED 1)
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