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eTwinning School Label 2023-2024

We are delighted to present you with the new eTwinning Schools
eTwinning School Label

The new generation of eTwinning Schools is the result of an updated application process that was completed over the past few months and designed by the Central Support Service, in collaboration with National Support Organisations.


The new process puts more emphasis on the principles of the eTwinning School Mission, and on the evidence required to show how the school currently adheres to the core values of the Mission, or plans to follow them in the future:



After the entries had been submitted, the National Support Services carefully assessed the evidence provided and granted the eTwinning School Label to 4485 educational institutions.


We would like to congratulate the new eTwinning Schools 2023-2024 on their great achievement: over the upcoming weeks they will receive the eTwinning School Label pack, including am exclusive plaque, the eTwinning flag, other eTwinning materials and a congratulation letter from Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.


eTwinning Schools are pivotal for the success of eTwinning, and they act as a reference point for all the other schools that can demonstrate that their values follow the eTwinning School Mission. We encourage schools that have not yet applied for the Label to contact an eTwinning School in their area and ask them to share their inside knowledge.


The next round of applications will open in September 2023!


Additional information

  • Education type:
    Early Childhood Education and Care
    School Education
    Vocational Education and Training
  • Target audience:
    Head Teacher / Principal
    Student Teacher
    Teacher Educator
  • Target audience ISCED:
    Early childhood education (ISCED 0)
    Primary education (ISCED 1)
    Lower secondary education (ISCED 2)
    Upper secondary education (ISCED 3)


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