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Henryk Lippert

Quo Vadis BBS Walsrode?

Lately, the BBS Walsrode became a member of the "Europaschule in Niedersachsen"-program of the federal state Lower Saxony. When looking back to our journey of recent years, we are proud and happy about the achievements we aquired. In order to express the European spirit of community, we want to empower our school community to take part in international education-programs, like Erasmus+ or eTwinning. Therefore, our goal is to create a European network of partners to collaborate and to benefit from each other. We focus on intercultural and subject-specific aspects, as well as the improvement of foreign language skills. Our school offers a wide range of educational programs that are divided into the fields of economical, child care and technical professions. Due to our broad profile, we assume to be an ideal partner for many foreign schools.

Since we consider ourselves as an independent and regional centre of excellence, we want to offer the opportunity to participate for students and teachers likewise. Such experience is indispensable in an open and globalized world. Due to further cooperation and collaboration with foreign partners, we want to improve our school's teaching quality successively. Therefore, our long-term perspective will be to empower our students and teachers to think outside the box and beyond national borders.

Luckily, we can call on already made experience that will be a basis to achieve the previously mentioned goals, because it simplifies our task to recruit new students or colleagues to support the spirit of a unified European community. We are ready to do the next step now. We accept the new challenges and demands and are prepared to provide our future students with all relevant competencies to succeed in the international labour market.

Will you join us on our journey?

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