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European Commission's webinar on: Strengthening Parent-Teacher Partnerships for Inclusive Learning

In this webinar, we will explore the critical role that parents play in fostering inclusive education. We will discuss the benefits of inclusive education, including promoting diversity, fostering a sense of community, and belonging among students, and helping all students achieve their full potential.

Ended on: 30.05.2023
Ended at: 05:00 PM (Europe/Brussels)
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Participants will also hear about real-life examples of how involving parents in special education has positively impacted students, families, and the school community. Through this discussion, participants will gain a deeper understanding of inclusive education and learn about the unique perspective of Parents of children with special educational needs. Additionally, we will provide strategies for building and maintaining effective partnerships with parents to support inclusive education.


This webinar has now ended but you can find the recording below:



Presentation by Inge Van de Putte: Strengthening parent-teacher partnerships for inclusive learning


About the speakers

Inge Van de Putte

Inge Van de Putte is dedicated to promoting inclusive education and providing assistance to children, parents, and schools. Her expertise lies in supporting teachers and special needs coordinators, which were subjects of her PhD and ongoing research in Disability Studies at Ghent University. At the university, she emphasizes the enhancement of communication skills among students and establishing strong partnerships with parents. Additionally, she places significant importance on the implementation of research findings into practical settings, as evidenced by her contributions to the documentary 'Inclusief’ , her various books and chapters, and her podcast series featuring parents of children with disabilities. 

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