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European Commission's Webinar on Artificial Intelligence: AI in the Foreign Language Education

Chat GPT (and other AI-Tools) can help teachers enormously e.g. with creating classroom materials, listening exercises or even videos. In this webinar we will learn how Chat GPT can assist teachers in creating tailor-made classroom materials and we will discover the step-by-step process to automatically modify the language level of articles and texts.

Starting on: 04.10.2023
Starting at: 04:00 PM (Europe/Brussels)
Duration: 0 seconds

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Moreover, through this webinar participants will get a closer look on how AI can offer real-time suggestions for classroom activities, and they will learn about the pros and cons of integrating AI into the language classroom, including ethical considerations and challenges. 

About the speakers

Florian Nuxoll

Florian Nuxollis an educator and researcher based in Tübingen, Germany, where he teaches English and Political Science at a secondary school. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Florian is also a researcher at the University of Tübingen. He is a member of a multidisciplinary team focused on developing intelligent tutoring systems specifically designed to enhance the learning experience for English language students.

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    Head Teacher / Principal
    Teacher Educator
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    Primary education (ISCED 1)
    Lower secondary education (ISCED 2)
    Upper secondary education (ISCED 3)


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