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children in science class

Future Makers mobilises local community to bring new skills to schools

Everyone has a skill they can teach. That is the underlying idea of the Estonian Future Makers initiative, which encourages community members and professionals to engage with learners both in schools and in workplaces.
Learning to learn
School partnerships and networks
diversity in etwinning

Linguistic and cultural diversity and richness in eTwinning

eTwinning isn’t just limited to EU countries; it is also open to countries surrounding the European Union. Inspiring international activities increase diversity and linguistic richness in education. Cooperation also has a very important role – learners from different countries can meet and learn together.
Vocational Education and Training
Small and remote rural schools

New eTwinning group: Small and remote rural schools

Our eTwinning group ‘Small and remote rural schools’ is open to all eTwinners who share similar interests and are seeking to improve their teaching practice through regular activities and collaborative projects.