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Listen to the new Teachers of Europe podcast – giving a voice to inspiring teachers from across Europe

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Listen to the new Teachers of Europe podcast – giving a voice to inspiring teachers from across Europe

Listen to the new ‘Teachers of Europe’ podcast to hear teachers across Europe talk about their daily challenges and their thoughts on how schools and education systems are developing. The podcast was created to allow practicing teachers to address common classroom challenges by listening to and following in the footsteps of inspiring teachers from across the teaching community in Europe.
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In the first episode of the podcast (December 2022), Rute Baptista, Professional Development Manager at the European School Education Platform and her guest, secondary school teacher Carol Barriuso from Spain, talk about the topic of refugee education beyond the classroom, highlighting the importance of family involvement and teachers’ well-being.

In the second episode (January 2023), Benjamin Hertz, Pedagogical Manager at the European School Education Platform leads a discussion with two guests, Lidija Kralj, an AI in education expert and former teacher from Croatia, and Ricardo Carvalho, secondary school teacher from Portugal. They delve into the topic of artificial intelligence in schools, and the opportunities and challenges that new AI tools present to teachers’ work.

In the third episode (October 2023), Alexandra Almpanidou, Pedagogical Coordinator at the European School Education Platform engages in a discussion with two distinguished guests; Dr. Benjamin Dreer, the Scientific Director of Erfurt School of Education,  and Miguela Fernandes, computer science teacher from Portugal. Together they explore the crucial topic of teacher wellbeing with a particular emphasis on the challenges faced by teachers, the impact on their well-being, and the steps being taken to support and nurture their mental and emotional health.

All the podcast episodes are published on the EU Academy Platform, as well as via popular podcast apps such as SpotifyGoogle Podcasts and Apple Podcasts. Just search for ‘Teachers of Europe’!


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  • Target audience:
    Government staff / policy maker
    Head Teacher / Principal
    ICT Coordinator
    Not-for-profit / NGO staff
    Parent / Guardian
    School Psychologist
    Student Teacher
    Teacher Educator


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Migrant students

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Personal, social and learning to learn