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Classroom Leadership Questionnaire (LDK/ClassLead-Q)

The ‘Linzer Diagnosebogen zur Klassenführung’ (LDK) is a research-based questionnaire assessing classroom leadership as a broad concept, including teacher actions to foster social relationships, control pupils’ behaviour efficiently and provide quality teaching. In addition, the LDK addresses prerequisites for teachers’ actions (e.g. teacher motivation) and their outcomes (e.g. pupil learning).
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The LDK and its accompanying materials (e.g. instructions for interpreting the results) help teachers and their pupils to clarify the way they teach, learn and interact in the classroom and help improve teachers’ classroom leadership, strengthen pupils’ responsibility for their learning and foster the well-being of both teachers and pupils.

The LDK is offered as a questionnaire in either online or paper format. Both are available for different school levels and can be accessed and analysed on the LDK website. The analysis includes comparisons of the teacher’s and pupils’ view and provides the possibility to compare the findings with those of well-running classrooms.

Up to now, the questionnaire has been mainly used in German-speaking countries. An English trial version also exists, the ‘Classroom Leadership Questionnaire’ (ClassLead-Q), which will be implemented on the website by the end of 2023.


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