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Get inspired by our innovative STEM mobile laboratory! Explore and experiment with a diverse array of 50 STEM tools and equipment, ranging from water and soil science kits to interactive gear for environmental learning, as well as underwater and aerial drones, and much more!!
Third-party on-site course

How to get from S, T, E or M to STEM?

Unlock the potential of your teaching with our dynamic and innovative STEM education course designed exclusively for educators in STEM fields. In today's rapidly evolving world, it's crucial to equip students with skills that transcend traditional subject boundaries. Our course fosters interdisciplinary learning to prepare students for the challenges of the real world.

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23.09.2024 - 27.09.2024
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In our schools, curricula typically categorize subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics. While organizing the learning process logically is essential, students often struggle to integrate this segmented knowledge in real-world situations. Despite the multidisciplinary nature of STEM solutions in today's world, our educational approach often confines students within the boundaries of individual subjects. To address this limitation, there is a pressing need to shift towards interdisciplinary teaching methods that inspire students' motivation and interest in the STEM field. Fostering this shift is essential to cultivate future STEM talent capable of addressing current and future STEM challenges.


  • Course
  • Monday/ Understanding STEM 
  • Explore the essence of STEM and its significance in fostering innovation and problem-solving.
  • STEM through an interdisciplinary approach, contrasting it with the traditional method.
  • Successful and not-so-successful STEM practice


  • Tuesday / Practical Implementation
  • STEM interdisciplinary approach - how to do it in classroom?
  • Creating an S, T, E or M experiment vs. STEM experiment
  • How to tailor STEM curricula for gifted students?


  • Wednesday / Meet the STEM van!
  • Get inspired by our innovative STEM mobile laboratory! Explore and experiment with a diverse array of 50 STEM tools and equipment, ranging from water and soil science kits to interactive gear for environmental learning, as well as underwater and aerial drones, and much more!!


  • Thursday / Curriculum Development
  • Develop comprehensive and practical interdisciplinary STEM curricula tailored for the classroom
  • Choose the right method: project-based learning, inquiry-based learning, flipped classroom or explore innovative methods?
  • Differentiate between STEM knowledge, skills, and attitudes to enhance holistic learning outcomes.


  • Friday / Assessment and Reflection
  • Explore diverse evaluation technique
  • Reflection on experiences
  • Certification

Learning objectives

  • Through this course, participants will:


  • Develop a profound understanding of the essence of STEM and recognize its critical role in shaping the future generation.
  • Assess and reflect on the integration of STEM elements within their current teaching style, gaining valuable insights into their approach.
  • Acquire a practical methodology to develop interdisciplinary STEM curricula ready for the classroom.
  • Explore practical STEM activities for immediate classroom implementation, accompanied by tailored curriculum adjustments for gifted students.
  • Uncover effective strategies for conducting engaging STEM activities using a variety of 50 modern STEM tools and equipment.
  • Broaden their perspectives on STEM teaching, gaining access to new ideas, tools, methods, and inspiration.
  • Explore innovative ways to connect STEM lessons with real-life situations, creating a more meaningful and relatable learning experience for each student.
  • Boost their self-confidence in teaching STEM by acquiring practical skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied in the classroom.
  • Learn different evaluation methods in STEM teaching tailored to assess the effectiveness of STEM teaching 


  • Who Should Attend:

Educators teaching STEM subjects to students aged 6 to 12 who are eager to enhance their teaching methods and make a lasting impact on their students' futures.








  • Course details:

Location: Association Bioteka, Zagreb

Time: 9:00 to 14:00 (Monday -Thursday), 9:00 to 12:00 (Friday)

Methodology & assessment

The methodology of this course has evolved through 15 years of experience in teaching STEM to children, students, and fellow educators. Refined by active participation in over 80 diverse projects, this methodology represents the culmination of developing and implementing innovative STEM teaching models with a strong focus on student-cantered learning. It's a journey grounded in real-world experiences, ensuring that the methods shared are not only practical but also highly effective in engaging and empowering learners.

Methodology is carefully crafted to provide participants with a robust blend of theoretical understanding and practical application in STEM teaching. The theoretical background is not just presented but immediately applied through practical work, offering participants both time and space to implement their newfound knowledge.
The core aim of the practical work is to empower participants to develop and test innovative ideas within an international and interdisciplinary team, fostering a lasting transformation in their teaching style. The course methodology is strategically designed to create a supportive framework ensuring this outcome.

Throughout the course, we foster a positive atmosphere emphasizing togetherness and teamwork, recognizing their essential role in knowledge sharing, method experimentation, and the development of innovative teaching ideas and approaches. Active participation is encouraged, and ongoing reviews of the learning process are integral to the methodology.

To enhance the learning experience, participants are urged to seek individual assessments from the course leader or opt for group assessments where insights are gathered from all participants, promoting a collaborative and enriching learning environment.

Certification details

At the end of the course, each participant will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

Pricing, packages and other information

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Additional information

  • Language:
  • Target audience ISCED:
    Early childhood education (ISCED 0)
    Primary education (ISCED 1)
    Lower secondary education (ISCED 2)
  • Target audience type:
    Not-for-profit / NGO staff
  • Learning time:
    20-25 hours