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European School Education Platform
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Exploring the European School Education Platform

This course is the third and last one of the European School Education Platform course series. It aims at introducing users to the functions and possibilities of the platform and offering opportunities for networking.

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More specifically, in this course we will focus on the professional development offer of the European School Education Platform, explore the recognition opportunities for schools and teachers and participate in networking activities.

If you are interested to follow the first two courses of the series, you may find more information below:

  1. eTwinning projects and TwinSpace
  2. Achieving Quality in eTwinning Projects

Learning objectives


  • Navigate the European School Education Platform
  • Get an overview of the professional development offer
  • Explore the recognition opportunities for schools and teachers
  • Find people, organisations and schools to collaborate with
  • Participate in projects and professional development opportunities.

Methodology & assessment

The course is offered as an asynchronous course with flexibility in regard to when and where participants follow the course content and join the course activities. However, there is a final deadline in place for the submission of a course product. Participants are required to actively contribute to the course activities by sharing their work and submitting a course product. This product is submitted and assessed by peers or the course instructor in the final module of the course.

Certification details

Upon successful completion of the course a digital course certificate is awarded. The certificate shows the name of the learner and key course details such as the estimated learning hours, the learning objectives, and a link to the course homepage.

Pricing, packages and other information

  • Fee:
  • Currency:
  • Package contents:
  • Additional information:

Additional information

  • Language:
  • Target audience ISCED:
    Primary education (ISCED 1)
    Lower secondary education (ISCED 2)
    Upper secondary education (ISCED 3)
  • Target audience type:
    Student Teacher
    Teacher Educator
  • Learning time:
    Less than 5 hours

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