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Collaborative Reading

Collaborative reading is a method of reading in which students read short stories, carry out the given tasks and learn together. Project aims to study, learn, change, develop together. Students will learn to discuss, brainstorm, work in groups, deal with conflicts and maximize their vocabulary and structure knowledge. They will have chance to learn from each other. We aim to make reading collaborative rather than a solo activity. In solo reading activities, the only communication that occurs is that of teachers giving instructions and then imparting the correct answers. In many cases, most students don’t know why an answer is incorrect. Reading becomes a chore that involves bending one’s head to the page and inputting unknown words into an electronic dictionary. We aim to make reading activities more student centred. Reading will be more interactive. Students will discuss the ideas and express their own feelings and thoughts about the reading materials.
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Turkey(8), Italy(3), Romania(1), Poland(1), Lithuania(1), Ukraine(1), Greece(1)
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