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WE CARE: Wellness, Empowerment and Community Advocacy for Resilient Education

The "WE CARE" project aims to empower students with knowledge and tools to positively impact well-being in their schools and to promote democratic participation, active citizenship, and respect for human rights, contributing to a more inclusive and democratic society. The project encompasses several activities designed to engage students in critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity while exploring the concepts of well-being, democratic participation, and their interrelation within partner schools across different countries. This international partnership draws a connection between well-being and the promotion of democratic competences, particularly relevant in the context of the upcoming European elections 2024. By creating a purposeful collaborative educational journey, the project aims to foster students' well-being at school while strengthening their roles as active citizens. It builds upon the foundation of the previous initiative, "Teens in Action Spreading Kindness," and encourages students to actively engage in meaningful decision-making processes within the school community. The ultimate goal is to prepare students for active participation in the broader democratic landscape, thereby creating a sense of agency and responsibility among students, fostering active citizenship, and promoting their involvement in shaping policies that directly affect their well-being as European citizens.
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