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Developing 21st Century Skills with Inspiration From Nature

Learning doesn't have to be confined inside the four walls of a classroom.The world needs youngs who treasure science.The natural world is more than a source of beauty and admiration; it provides ideal opportunities to teach the fascinating world of STEAM and 21st century skills. Nature motivates students to learn, keeps them careful, creates their imagination, and develops their Math, Science, Art, Engineering and Technlogy skills using the five sense organs. The strategic school partnership will increase excellence in education, prepare students for global competitiveness and teach us effective strategies to relate nature to STEAM; It will encourage students to use nature to guide them to observe, research, and question, and provide them with new knowledge and skills at the European level. We need to work together at the European level to develop the ways our students learn science, mathematics, technology and engineering. The nature-inspired STEAM will reveal a powerful curriculum that teaches secondary school students a wide range of STEAM subjects and skills with an approach inspired by nature. Students will gain expertise in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics in cooperation with students from other European countries. Our aims; to develop 21st century skills of students by developing cooperation at the European level, to increase their interest in STEAM and nature, to contribute to their choice of profession in these fields, to love science, to make positive attitudes of students towards STEAM fields, to explore the teaching and learning methods of partner schools in nature. is to produce innovative and creative practices.
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