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Spring Campaign 2023 – Bringing Innovation in the classroom with eTwinning

As eTwinners lean into this year’s annual theme of innovation and education, the spring campaign will consist of activities and webinars for eTwinners that focus on the four main pillars related to the broader theme of innovation and education and how to bring innovation in the classroom with eTwinning.
Spring Campaign

Taking place from 1 March to 7 April, eTwinners will be encouraged to reflect on the theme by participating in several online activities. Users will be also provided with inspiring resources on how to encourage synergy between education and innovation.


The campaign will consist of promoting well-being of students and staff, suggesting different digital tools and artificial intelligence to use in the classroom, and prioritising inclusion efforts in the classroom. Innovation should not just focus on digital tools, but rather give students more agency in the classroom to advocate and address their educational and wellbeing needs. The subtopics that will be addressed in all the activities will include:


  • social innovation within a school,
  • mental and emotional wellbeing within schools,
  • pedagogical innovation,
  • and artificial intelligence.


Hosted on a brand-new dedicated Group, participants will find an interactive bookshelf where they can freely choose from a range of activities, articles to read, and inspirational materials on the subtopics. Throughout the campaign, participants can also take part in several webinars on topics like wellbeing, artificial intelligence, and how to tackle disinformation.


Participants will be asked to share how they keep their classroom innovative and how they address the various subtopics of the campaign on social media, using the #eTw4Innovation. Participants will therefore have access to helpful resources from other participants.


Additional information

  • Target audience:
    Student Teacher
    Teacher Educator


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