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New funding for schools and teacher education providers under Jean Monnet

A new set of Jean Monnet actions for schools will allow teachers and teacher training institutions to apply for funding in order to teach about the EU in Erasmus+ programme countries.
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The new call is out

The latest 2023 Jean Monnet call, published as part of the 2023 Erasmus+ Programme Guide, contains the following actions specifically to support schools:

The deadline to submit a proposal is 14 February 2023.

Need some inspiration?

Check out the Learning EU at school booklet featuring testimonials from teachers and pupils (available in all EU languages).

Among them is Dr Emmanuelle Schön Quinlivan, one of the first beneficiaries of a teacher training grant:

‘We are currently finalising another year of BFGTOEU [Big Friendly Guide to the European Union] with plaques and silver tags for the amazing teachers who took on the programme during such a tough year of catching up with two years of pandemic. We are really grateful to our fantastic community of teachers. Finally, as we develop toolkits at secondary level, check out our TikTok account for our DABtheEU (Discuss, Argue, Build the EU) programme. All activities are thanks to the Jean Monnet Chair in Active European Citizenship and Teacher Training grant.’


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