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eTwinning Weeks campaign 2023: ‘Innovation and Education’ and ‘Well-being at school’

From 25 September to 20 October, eTwinners will reflect on the Annual Theme, ‘Innovation and Education’, and will connect it to ‘Well-being at school’, the Annual Theme of 2024. The eTwinning Weeks campaign will take place on the Annual Group. Both teachers and students will have access to inspiring resources, activities and webinars in the form of an interactive game area.
Kids painting and drawing together. Text reads: eTwinning weeks 2023.
Robert Kneschke via Canva

eTwinning Weeks will take place from 25 September to 20 October and will consist of activities and webinars for eTwinners on ‘Innovation and Education’, with a special focus on ‘Well-being at school’ among teachers and students.

In fact, this year the campaign will go far beyond innovative practices in the classroom, prioritising the holistic development of students and teachers through well-being practices such as mindfulness, social-emotional learning and self-care.

On the Annual Group Innovation and Education - AI, Creativity and Well-being with eTwinning, eTwinners will find an interactive game map that encourages them to reflect on key topics such as artificial intelligence, creativity at school and personal development, while also motivating them to exchange ideas, practices, and opinions. On each level of the map, eTwinners will find a range of activities, articles and inspirational materials about ‘Innovation and Education’ and ‘Well-being at school’.

Throughout the campaign, participants can also take part in several webinars revolving around subtopics like personal and social development, student integration and artificial intelligence.

eTwinners will also be asked to share pictures, videos, and achievements related to the campaign, as well as their experience promoting well-being in education.

Together, participants will work to shape a brighter and more resilient tomorrow for their students and schools.

Keep an eye on our social media and get ready to play while learning about innovation and well-being at school!

Additional information

  • Education type:
    Early Childhood Education and Care
    School Education
    Vocational Education and Training
  • Target audience:
    Head Teacher / Principal
    ICT Coordinator
    Parent / Guardian
    Student Teacher
    Teacher Educator
  • Target audience ISCED:
    Early childhood education (ISCED 0)
    Primary education (ISCED 1)
    Lower secondary education (ISCED 2)
    Upper secondary education (ISCED 3)


Digital tools
Online learning
eTwinning campaign

Key competences

Personal, social and learning to learn
Social and learning