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2022 eTwinning Weeks Campaign

This year’s eTwinning weeks took place from 26 September to 20 October and focused on the theme of Our future beautiful, sustainable, together: Schools and the New European Bauhaus.
eTwinning Weeks 2022

During the eTwinning Weeks 2022, which took place from 26 September to 20 October, eTwinners had the opportunity to focus on the annual theme: Our future beautiful, sustainable, together: Schools and the New European Bauhaus.Participants went on a ‘journey to quality’, participating in a wide range of activities where each station stood for a different synchronous or asynchronous activity. 

Hosted on the eTwinning Weeks 2022 Group, the campaign ran on the European School Education Platform. Several  inspirational online events took place throughout the campaign, which featured experts and included interactive tasks on quality activities concerned with various subthemes related to beautiful, sustainable and inclusive schools. In addition, the eTwinning Weeks Campaign provided resources & in-group activities and facilitated partner finding fairs (Matchmaking, Share, compare & join). These were very popular among eTwinners who were able to share their project ideas and receive guidance from eTwinning Featured Group moderators for the creation of quality eTwinning activities. 


As a result, eTwinners:

The eTwinners’ collaborative ideas are still being collected on the Gallery of eTwinning Activities Padlet wall (until 31 October). 

Let's take a look at eTwinning Weeks in numbers and cherish the memories of eTwinning Weeks 2022 by visiting the relevant pages:



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