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eTwinning Weeks 2022

2022 eTwinning Weeks Campaign

This year’s eTwinning weeks took place from 26 September to 20 October and focused on the theme of Our future beautiful, sustainable, together: Schools and the New European Bauhaus.
Classroom management
Online learning
Professional development
eTwinning Prizes 2022

2022 eTwinning European Prize Ceremony

After opening remarks and keynotes speeches on the first day of the Annual eTwinning Conference, the time finally came to celebrate the achievements of the backbone of the eTwinning Community: teachers and pupils.
Communication skills
Secondary education
Social skills
Vocational education
two girls in science class

Promoting cooperation between schools and science

As children are growing up in an increasingly scientifically advanced world, schools must develop their students’ scientific literacy. This article will explore several initiatives promoting cooperation between schools and science that can make STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) lessons more engaging!
School partnerships and networks
A teacher and pupils using a drone

Results of the teachers’ survey on Artificial Intelligence help European Commission to develop ethical guidelines

The results of a recent survey show that active teachers have a higher interest (82%) in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data in education than other education stakeholders. However, the results also reveal that almost none of the teachers have a say in the selection of AI and data tools or in their use in education.
Digital competence
Digital tools
Policy development