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Idioms are connected to the culture and everyday lives of people, share cultural and historical information and broaden people’s understanding of a language. In the project, we are going to study the use of idioms, which give colour to the language as well as in the speech. Idioms are not only a part of the language but also they are the part of universal communication.



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I am back with wonderful news. Here is my quality label. Thank you all guys. It was a really perfect journey🥰🥰🥰


The Pupil Quality Labels

are ready to be handed to pupils of Troyeshchyna gymnasium.

I am looking forward to do it!

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Thank you, dear pupils,

for your outstanding commitment and hard work.

Thank you, dear partners,

for your collaboration.

Thank you, all,

for joining this journey.

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Got this today :) 

Thank you for a beautiful project.

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Every cloud has a silver lining and looking back on a very difficult and unusual year our project certainly was a little beam of sunshine.

Take care and all the best!