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I have a DREAM

'I have a DREAM' is an eTwinning multidisciplinary project aimed at secondary school students. The aim of the project is to bring students together so that they can practise their communication and ICT skills and develop a positive attitude towards the world, their own present wellbeing and the future. The DREAM of the title presents the ideas we wish to focus on: D - design of the ideal future world, R - respect for the past, human rights and copyright; E - empathy towards another human being and our planet; A - actions undertaken to raise awareness of important local and global issues; M - motivation aroused through meaningful challenges organised by our international Dream Team. Thus, the project will start with the following driving question: ‘How can I dream big and show that I am an engaged dreamer who acts to make my dreams come true?’ We hope the ‘dream project’ will allow students to come up with solutions to problems that matter to them and ‘hide’ the learning in the process.



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The QL has arrived in Tábor 🎯, thank you dear partners.

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Finally, the Greek team's QL is here! 

Thank you dear partners for these wonderful adventures! All of us have enjoyed the journey to meet our dreams!

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We are happy to share Koldo Mitxelena's QL with all of you. Thank you, dear dreamers! 🥳

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We are very proud of our Quality Label! Thanks to all Dream partners who made it possible. :)

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Here comes the quality label from Kanuni Turkey. Congrats!

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It´s my pleasure to announce that we have been awarded the QL for the project. Congrats to my students and to all the participants because we did an excellent job! Collaborating with you all has been a very worthwhile adventure.


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IES Cantabria-Santander
July, 2022

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IES Cantabria-Santander
July, 2022



Sooo happy to announce I have a DREAM has received the QL in Poland as well:)🏆

Many thanks for the great collaboration! 💕

Congrats to the Polish students🏆

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The Wimo students-  class 2BHW-  have been awarded the QUALITY LABEL by the Austrian National Agency!

Congratulations to all my students!

And warmest thanks to all partner classes with their dedicated teachers, especially our founders Idoia and Kasia! 

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