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By drawing attention to the problems arising from climate change, global warming and the Covid-19 epidemic in our world, we will implement our project in order to find solutions to these problems. In the Covid-19 epidemic process; We will work with our students what needs to be done to get rid of the epidemic as soon as possible. Resulting from climate change and global warming; We will raise awareness about the reduction of animal species, the melting of glaciers, and the destruction of forests. We will discuss with our students how we can be beneficial to the problems with the subjects of nature and environment love and we will organize activities. We will carry out studies to achieve the goal of our project with family participation activities and dissemination activities.



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Buharaevler Kindergarten Corum/Turkey

aileler proje hakkında düşüncelerini mektuplarda belirterek değerlendirmelerini yaptılar    /   families made evaluations by stating their thoughts about the project in letters.

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Buharaevler Kindergarten


okulhaberi   / schoolnews


Buharaevler kindergarten Çorum/Turkey

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