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ERASMUS +: KA210-SCH: From school to EU


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Project Co-funded by  the European Union

Co-funded Erasmus + EU
Co-funded Erasmus + EU



TITTLE: ERASMUS +: KA210-SCH: From school to EU


This eTwinning project will be developed alongside the ERASMUS + KA210-SCH: FROM SCHOOL TO EU project. With this symbiosis we want to establish a European spirit in our students within a secure platform. The main objectives will be to become aware of their European identity to give them a sense of belonging and values, to achieve the skills that we will work on and obtain the micro-credentials that accredit it and receive new learning methods. The 3 topics that will be worked on in international mixed groups will be: Eco-sustainability at school, Socio-economic inclusion in local community and Digital-policy for young people. The mixed group that makes the best proposal will be chosen as EU ambassador and will have the opportunity to travel to Brussels to present this work to the parliamentary authorities of their respective regions.



General objectives:

We are going to work on the 8 key competencies for lifelong learning, these are:

1-Linguistic communication.

2-Multilingual competence.

3-Mathematical competence and competence in science, technology and engineering (STEM).

4-Digital competence.

5-Personal, social and learning to learn competence.

6-Citizen competence.

7-Entreperneurial competence

8-Cultural awareness and expression

Specific objectives:

-Making school education systems in our schools really inclusive and connected to society,

-Improving access and putting measures in place to mentor students

-Finding strategies to help students to focus on and complete their education, get progress in their basic skills, first of all in public speaking and communication.


To reach these big objectives, we think it is crucial to cooperate with other European schools and NGOs to promote the development of modular programmes of study, recognising with micro-credentials/badges the skills acquired.

Sustainable development objectives:



After an initial videoconference among the participating teachers and foundation (garagErasmus) a Kick-off Meeting will be at the Italian school where the bases for the selection of the participating students, logo and work methodologies, as well as the agreements for the planning and timing of the activities will be decided.The students will work in 3 international mixed groups on one of the proposed topics and to coordinate they will have the TS forum and virtual rooms. They will present each of their proposals in a videoconference, after which there will be a voting period for the best of them.The team with the best proposal will form the EU ambassadors who will go to Brussels (study trip) to present their results to the relevant parliamentary authorities in their regions.The evaluation of the project will be carried out in an initial, intermediate and final way with different tools.Throughout the project, dissemination activities will be carried out (social networks, schools, etc.)



-Awareness raised on the project and the EU co-funding

-More motivated and EU-conscious students and teachers

-New networking opportunities

-Increased curiosity on the next generations of students

-Cristallisation of new teaching methods.

-Dissemination of the potential of micro-credentials

-Outreach to local and EU stakeholders, while bringing Europe to school and Schools to Europe.

-Presentations of the groups’ topics and proposals.

-Appropriate use of ICTs.

-Improvement in the use of English.