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cook your own meal

Meslek lisemizde yiyecek içecek bölümü var.Hem bölüm derslerine hem de mesleki ingilizce dersi için öğrencilerimizin yapmış olduğu tarifleri video ve fotoğraf yoluyla paylaşabiliriz. Projeye ortak olan okulların öğrencilerinin tariflerini deneyebiliriz. Bu şekilde proje öğrencilerin kendini geliştirmek için, İngilizce pratik yapmak için bir fırsat olacaktır. Farklı şehirlerin, ülkelerin yemek kültürü ile etkileşimde bulunacağız. Başlamak için sizi bekliyoruz. There is a food and beverage department in our vocational high school.Students cook their own meal . We can share the recipes of our students. They can take a video by explaining the recipe step by step. We can learn how we cook local dishes or different this way students will be more confident. they will practice English. We will interact with other food culture of different cities. Lets join us.It ll be fun .



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Our project "Cook Your Own Meal" is awarded to the winner in the Vocational High School Category in Romania. I congratulate all the students who contributed to the project . 🤗🎊❤️


We have received National Quality Label :) Thank you for this project:)

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We carried out the dissemination activity in our school


Cook Your Own Meal Project by Colegiul Tehnic Emanuil Ungureanu Timisoara/Romania


I would like to congratulate all of us for the wonderful things we have accomplished. Special thanks to the administrators for all the support and guidance. I strongly believe that "THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF A BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP". 

Proud to be part of this team!