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Onsite event in Bratislava 2023
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Onsite Course for Teachers "Advancing learning and innovation with future-proof skills"

Onsite Course for Teachers "Advancing learning and innovation with future-proof skills"
Bratislava (28-30 September 2023)

Ended: 01.10.2023
Duration: 3 days
Bratislava, Slovakia

Event information


The onsite Professional Development Workshop aims to equip teachers working in secondary education and initial vocational education and training (IVET) with innovative teaching methods, pedagogical approaches, and technological tools to enhance the quality of their teaching and meet the changing demands of the labour market. The workshop will emphasise the need for secondary and IVET education to embrace innovation and promote transversal skills, entrepreneurship, and inclusivity and how eTwinning can support this. In specific, the objectives of the online workshop entail: 
  • understanding the importance of innovation in secondary education and IVET and its potential impact on learners and the labour market.
  • learning about new teaching methods, pedagogical approaches, and technological tools that can enhance the quality of secondary education and IVET. 
  • gaining practical skills and knowledge and exploring concrete steps to enhance innovation in secondary and IVET teaching and learning.
  • exchanging ideas and experiences with other secondary and IVET teachers and experts in the field. 

Certification details

Participants that will attend onsite will get a certificate of participation.

Join information

Please contact your NSO for information on how to participate.

About the speakers

Olívia Hurbanová

Olívia Hurbanová – CHIEF THOUGHT PROVOKER, HighBrõws

Olívia is a positive skeptic, highly regarded as a lecturer and the author of the "Future Skills" concept. Her groundbreaking concept has been fully accredited at the University of Economics in Bratislava, where it diligently shapes and prepares the next generation of young leaders. With an international presence, she imparts her profound knowledge both in Slovakia and abroad, including esteemed campuses. Furthermore, she runs her own evening school called Brainery. Her expertise inspires numerous clients, including Henkel, IBM, Dell, Swiss Re, Allianz, 3M, O2, Leica, and even the esteemed Slovak government office, among many others. All her efforts aim to bridge the gap between hard science and soft skills, as she adopts a comprehensive approach to understanding the complexities of human behavior. In February 2019, she was awarded the title of Lecturer of the Year with a record-breaking 21 nominations, recognizing her extensive efforts in the field of education towards an inclusive and tolerant society.

Rute Baptista

Rute Baptista is a Pedagogue and currently acts as the Professional Development Manager, in Brussels, in eTwinning project, from European Commission. She works closely with hundreds of thousands of teachers from 44 countries, supporting, coordinating and managing online and face to face Professional development opportunities. Rute also works as pedagogical consultant and project manager to a consortium of Ministries of Education, European Schoolnet, based in Brussels. For 8 years and until 2012 Rute Baptista has worked in the Portuguese Ministry of Education dealing with European Projects and ICT in Education having collaborated in several projects and initiatives on this topic, at national level. Rute is a teacher Trainer and trains trainers in private companies in Portugal.She holds a degree in Pedagogy and is specialized in curricula development and project coordination.

Nikolaos Mouratoglou

Dr Nikolaos Mouratoglou works as a pedagogical monitoring coordinator at the European School Education Platform and the central support service of eTwinning at European Schoolnet in Brussels. He works closely with teachers from 43 countries, coordinates the embedding of SELFIEforTEACHERS in the European School Education Platform and monitors the impact of eTwinning through policy reports and publications. He holds a degree in Philosophy and Pedagogy, three master's degrees (ICT in Education, Counseling and Vocational Guidance, Adult Education) and a PhD in Educational Psychology, Educational Technology and Pedagogy. Currently, he is an adjunct lecturer in the Master Program of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens "Counseling, Vocational Guidance and Lifelong Learning".
Natalia T

Natalia Tzitzi

Natalia Tzitzi is from Aegina, a small island in the Saronic Gulf, close to Peiraias, the central harbour of Greece. She is the headteacher  at the 13th Helioupolis Primary School in a town close to the city centre of Athens. After completing her master’s degree (MEd in TEFL), she was looking for something fun and motivating for her students and challenging for her to do in class. That’s when she came across eTwinning and it was ... love at first sight! Ever since she joined the eTwinning action back in 2005, she has had the opportunity to work with fellow eTwinners from all over Europe (and beyond) on a variety of project topics experimenting and/or fully integrating different teaching methods.

Kornélia Lohyňová

Kornélia Lohyňová is teacher of Management at Hotel Academy in Bratislava, Slovakia. Kornelia is an eTwinning ambassador and a moderator of an eTwinning featured group “Entrepreneurship in Education”. Her curriculum utilizes extracurricular activities and international projects as a means of engaging students in the classroom. Kornelia is the author of award-winning projects and online and onsite professional development courses focused on Entrepreneurship Education, SEL, Life Competencies, and PBL. She speaks at conferences and leads workshops and webinars for educators. She is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.

Anne-Yvonne Ollivier

Anne-Yvonne Ollivier teaches Latin, Ancient Greek, French literature, and theater at collège St Gabriel, a middle school located in Pacé, near Rennes, Britain, France. She discovered Etwinning in 2018 and has gained valuable knowledge from her partners. Anne-Yvonne believes that Etwinning offers an excellent opportunity for students to broaden their horizons in Europe, to find purpose in their learning, and to acquire new skills. Additionally, it allows her to engage in discussions and explore innovative teaching methods with colleagues from across Europe.

Matilde Morales Pascual

Matilde Morales Pascual is a teacher of Ancient Greek and Latin at IES Al Ándalus in Almería, Spain. She has been an etwinner since 2012 and has also served as a coordinator for Erasmus projects. Matilde has taken on the role of coordinator for gender equality at her school. Her areas of interest include the internationalization of education, gender equality, and affective and sexual education, alongside a strong advocacy for classical languages. In the majority of the eTwinning projects she has participated in, the classical world serves as a foundation for addressing contemporary issues such as gender inequality, fake news, and the defense of democratic values.

María Mercedes Casuso Quesada

María Mercedes Casuso Quesada is a teacher of Latin, Greek, and theater at IES Jándula, an etwinning school since 2020, located in Andújar, in the south of Spain. She holds the position of deputy director and is responsible for Erasmus + Projects. María has participated in several theater contests with her students and has traveled all around Europe thanks to Erasmus projects. She began working in etwinning in 2014, in a project associated with her first Erasmus experience titled "Searching for the Labours of Hercules." Since then, her experience in etwinning has steadily increased through different projects (15), mostly related to Erasmus. The projects that connect the classical and modern world, in which María has participated with an extraordinary team of teachers, have received national and European quality labels.

Maria Lorenza Campanella

Maria Lorenza Campanella is an Italian teacher and lives in Vibo Valentia, in Calabria. She used to teach English Language and Literature in several schools but now she is working at Liceo Scientifico Statale “G. Berto” in her own town. She likes technology and she is in the digital innovation team. She started her adventure in eTwinning in 2016 and since then she has never stopped. She always receives National and European QL awards, even her school has been awarded as an eTwinning school three times. She is proud to be an eTwinner because she believes in this new and innovative way of teaching.

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