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European Innovative Teaching Award

European Innovative Teaching Award

The European Innovative Teaching Award highlights innovative teaching and learning practices, developed as part of European cooperation projects in the fields of school education and initial VET. The initiative is built upon the Erasmus+ programme. 



Each year, up to four awards per Erasmus+ Programme Country are given, one for each of the following categories:


  • early childhood education and care 
  • primary education
  • secondary education
  • and vocational education and training (VET) schools. 



An overarching thematic focus applicable to all age groups and in line with priorities of the European Education Area is defined annually. In 2022, the year's theme is linked to the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative of the Commission: 'Learning together, promoting creativity and sustainability'. This includes the following elements:


  • 'Creativity' – linked to the NEB priority 'beautiful', an important theme in education. In this context, the impact of spaces and architecture on learning will be addressed
  • 'Sustainability' – a general Commission priority and the key element of NEB
  • 'Learning together' – a participatory and inclusive element, a general Commission priority and an element of NEB.
The Erasmus+ National Agencies are responsible for the selection of winning projects through direct selection of awardees, shortlisting of potential awardees, or publishing an open call. For more precise information on the selection process in your country, please consult the website of the respective National Agency.
Updated on 08.11.22